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Baidu visited twowin technology and went through twowin product profiles .

2023-10-12 18:35:26 图为科技 4566


The development of contemporary technology continues to give birth to new changes and opportunities, and Baidu, as the world's top high-tech company, has always been at the forefront of the field of artificial intelligence with its strong innovation genes.

Recently, Baidu sent a professional team to Tuwei Technology to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of Tuwei's R&D technology and production line. This visit is to prepare for the signing of cooperation, and the picture shows that technology is full of expectation and confidence in this.


As an AI edge computer operation service provider, the picture shows that Technology has been deeply engaged in the field of artificial intelligence for many years, and with its excellent R&D, production and service teams, it is firmly at the forefront of the domestic artificial intelligence industry. In recent years, with self-developed intelligent robots, indoor unmanned intelligent monitoring systems, AIOT edge computing device management platforms and other products, we have gradually built an artificial intelligence ecosystem.


  01 Explore the whole production chain

As the first part of product production, the picture shows that technology strictly controls this. The picture shows that the SMT factory of scientific and technological cooperation focuses on the SMD processing of robots and automotive electronic products for many years, the company has advanced SMT processing production lines, advanced and perfect equipment, and has a group of professional teams with rich experience in production, functional testing and production management.


The picture shows that the assembly plant of science and technology cooperation is a leading domestic network security and information system-level service provider, focusing on the assembly of computer software and hardware products for many years, and the core team has accumulated rich experience in product assembly, escorting the product development and key applications of the picture technology.

  The picture shows that technology will always stand at the forefront of the industry, under the wave of rapid expansion of the artificial intelligence market, the picture shows science and technology deeply analyzing the needs of the industry, constantly improving and innovating technology, and seizing new opportunities in the artificial intelligence industry.

  02 Seek cooperation plans

This review and exchange not only demonstrated the strength and potential of Tuwei Technology, but also enhanced the closeness of cooperation between Tuwei Technology and Baidu, laying a solid foundation for the upcoming cooperation between the two sides.

At the same time, the expansion and technological iteration of the future business of the picture has brought positive influence and promotion, so that both parties have a clearer understanding and prospect of the development of future technology, and help both parties achieve faster development.


In recent years, the picture shows that the cooperation between science and technology and domestic leading science and technology enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities has become more and more close. In the future, the picture shows that Technology will carry out multi-field cooperation with more enterprises, connect "islands" into "continents" with partners, and strive to create a new ecology of all-round artificial intelligence for users!