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The picture shows Technology 2023 Dream Baihuazhou Two-day Tour

2023-10-12 18:33:17 图为科技 4801

What is summer like?

Is the sky blue, the field green, the sun red?

Is it ice watermelon, soap opera?

Is it the sky without a trace of impurities?

Is it the ankle that has been gradually swept away by the sea?

Is it the skirt corner slightly raised by the breeze?

Is it the afterglow of the setting sun?

Is it colorful fruit?


Summer is a season of "presumptuousness",

The picture shows the science and technology "2023 Dream Hundred Flowers Continent Double Day Tour" team building activity set sail,

Grab the tail of summer,

Farewell to the complicated city,

Drop what you're doing,

Find a cozy corner,

With the starry river as the scenery and the mountains as the peak,

Sunset, waiting for the evening breeze, watching the stars.


Depart for Baihuazhou

On the afternoon of the 18th,

Pack your bags and depart from Shenzhen,

Heavenly Beauty,

Thunderstorm in the morning,

By the time we departed in the afternoon, it was already clear;


Team building began, laughter along the way,

Everyone is looking forward to this journey.


(Four beautiful men online spelling song)

Jungle CS field

At 16 o'clock in the afternoon, arrive at Dongguan Dream Hundred Flowers,

The first project - Jungle CS Field Battle began,

Divided into blue and green groups for big PK;


Staying in the office for too long,

I haven't sweated so heartily in a long time;


(Engage in sneak attacks)

The god of song is online again,

I can hear it.

All of you are people with stories.


Culinary PK

Compete according to the four groups divided in advance,

Everyone took out their housekeeping dishes,


It is indeed more fragrant to make yourself,

There are really many hidden chefs,


(The editor has tasted it for you, and the taste is indeed OK)

After fierce competition,

In the end, "Ginger or Old Spicy Team" won the culinary competition championship,

It is indeed "old" and "spicy",

CEO Mr. Su presented the trophy to the winning team.


Team frisbee competition

On the morning of the 19th, the frisbee competition began,

This frisbee competition is divided into three categories: "nine-square grid", "frisbee throwing frame" and "frisbee dodge competition".

Finally, the champion is selected according to the three comprehensive results;


A man is a teenager to death,

This damn competitive,

Really, we can play this project all day.


Compete to the end,

A group of won champions,

President Su couldn't present the award,

Because President Su won the championship.


(The winner of each activity has a small gift, thank you to the colleagues in the administration department)

Visit the ancient village of Nanshe

The last item of this team building,

Visit the ancient villages of Nanshe Ming and Qing Dynasties,

According to records, the village moved south due to war in the late Southern Song Dynasty.

After several twists and turns,

After hundreds of years of development in the Ming and Qing dynasties,

formed an ancient village of 96,000 square meters;


Explore it with your guide,

The mottled ancient buildings are full of the heaviness of time.