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Twowin launches large model algorith appliance : unlocking the potential of AI and driving business innovation

2023-11-16 10:11:24 admin 2259

The picture shows that Technology has recently launched a new edge large model all-in-one machine - which can achieve localized private deployment. This is not only a product innovation and upgrade, but also a demonstration of technological strength, fully demonstrating the company's leading position in the field of edge computers.

The picture shows the edge large model all-in-one machine, which integrates high-performance computing, storage, and deep learning frameworks and software tools. It is specially designed for edge inference and deployment of large language models. Through localized private deployment, users can more flexibly manage and use their own large language models while ensuring data security and privacy. This innovative solution not only demonstrates the technical strength of Tuwei Technology, but also provides users with a new model of artificial intelligence application that is efficient, intelligent, safe and scalable.

Nvidia Jetson Platform

The picture shows that the edge large model all-in-one machine integrates a variety of leading deep learning frameworks and software tools, including mainstream deep learning platforms such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. These tools can help users perform operations such as model training, evaluation, and deployment, greatly reducing the user threshold and difficulty. In addition, Tuwei Technology has also configured a series of deep learning algorithms and optimization tools to further improve the efficiency and accuracy of model reasoning. In terms of localized private deployment, the technical strength of Picture Technology has once again been fully demonstrated. Deploy large models locally on edge computers to better protect sensitive data and models. This localized deployment method provides higher security and privacy protection, allowing users to use artificial intelligence technology with greater confidence. The picture shows the hardware core of the edge large-model all-in-one machine using NVIDIA Jetson high-performance modules, which has powerful computing power and rich software ecology. In addition to the advantages in hardware configuration, Tuwei Technology also provides users with a full range of technical support and solutions. Users can get professional technical consultation, enthusiastic online service support, etc.

Nvidia Jetson Platform

The picture shows the edge large model all-in-one machine, with the number of model parameters reaching 14 billion. The overall training data exceeds 3 trillion Tokens, with more powerful reasoning, cognition, planning and memory capabilities. Supports a maximum context window length of 8k, making complex language processing more accurate. The picture shows the edge large model all-in-one machine has a wide range of applications and can be used in intelligent customer service, intelligent assistants, smart homes, natural language processing, machine translation, intelligent writing, chat robots and other fields.

The picture shows the edge large model all-in-one machine, application case sharing

The picture shows that the edge large-model all-in-one machine has been deployed in pilot projects in the medical field. The Third People's Hospital of Longgang District, Shenzhen has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Picture Technology. Let’s jointly explore AI innovation in the medical field to improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency. At present, preliminary communication and diagnosis between the robot and the patient can be basically realized, and the robot's pre-diagnosis information is synchronized with the doctor in a timely manner. The doctor only needs to review and confirm, which greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. It is still under continuous exploration, and it is expected to realize complete AI intelligent diagnosis and treatment of minor and mild diseases in the future.

Nvidia Jetson Platform

With the emergence of the edge large-model all-in-one machine shown in the picture, industry insiders are paying close attention to it, and the current shortage of product orders has been scheduled to the end of November. Today's achievements are the result of many years of dedication. The picture shows that the technology will work hard and keep moving forward in the field of artificial intelligence edge computing. At the same time, adhering to the development philosophy of quality first and excellent service, we are committed to building a first-line brand of edge computers.