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Longtu AI large model completed the first phase of results demonstration

2023-10-12 18:36:06 图为科技 4059


At the beginning of September, the picture shows the AI big language model deployed by Science and Technology for the Third People's Hospital of Longgang District, Shenzhen - "Longtu Big Model", which has been carefully debugged and optimized, and has completed the first stage of the results demonstration, which is another milestone in the deep integration of AI and the medical field!


As the result of the research and development of the scientific and technological AI big language model system, Longtu large model has extremely high natural language processing capabilities. Through deep learning and data analysis, it can understand and generate natural language, and provide accurate and efficient language processing services. At the same time, combined with edge computing, it can provide immediate support for doctors and nurses, greatly speed up the medical process, more efficiently obtain the latest scientific research progress in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, and further improve the medical level and service quality of hospitals.


The application of this model in the medical field will bring many benefits to hospitals:

1. Analysis of medical literature

Longtu model can quickly browse, understand and analyze a large number of medical literature, helping doctors and researchers better obtain key information and accelerate scientific research progress.

2. Clinical decision-making

By analyzing patients' medical records and condition descriptions, the model can provide personalized clinical aid decisions and help doctors formulate more accurate and individualized treatment plans.

3. Patient communication support

The natural language processing capability of Longtu model can help hospitals provide more convenient and humanized patient consultation and communication support, and provide patients with intimate medical services.


Tuwei Technology has always focused on the innovative research and development of edge computing and artificial intelligence, and has always been committed to applying the most advanced technology to practical scenarios to bring smarter and more efficient solutions to all walks of life.

The application of AI large language model will bring innovation to the medical field, and Longgang Third People's Hospital has taken an important step in intelligent development with its excellent medical strength and innovative spirit. This cooperation will set a model for the digital transformation and intelligent construction of hospitals, and also open up a new path for the development of the entire medical industry.


The picture shows that Technology will continue to promote the innovative application of artificial intelligence and edge computing in the medical field. We believe that by combining advanced technologies with medical practice, we can provide a better medical experience for patients and accelerate the development of medical technology. Let intelligent technology help the medical career, provide better medical services for patients, and create a healthier future!