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Seeking cooperation and creating an environment - Baidu visit picture shows the whole link of technology production

2023-10-12 17:51:55 tuwei312

The development of contemporary science and technology is constantly giving birth to new changes and opportunities. As the world's top high-tech company, Baidu has always been at the forefront of the field of artificial intelligence with its strong innovation genes.

Recently, Baidu sent a professional team to Tuwei Technology to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of Tuwei's R&D technology and production line. This visit is to prepare for the signing of the cooperation. The picture shows that the technology is full of expectations and confidence.


As an AI edge computer operation service provider, Picture for Technology has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for many years. With its excellent R&D, production, and service teams, it has firmly established itself in the forefront of the domestic artificial intelligence industry. In recent years, relying on self-developed intelligent robots, indoor unmanned intelligent monitoring system, AIOT edge computing equipment management platform and other products, it has gradually built an artificial intelligence ecosystem.


01 Exploring the whole chain of production

Patch is the first step in product production, and the picture shows that technology strictly controls it. The picture shows that the SMT factory of scientific and technological cooperation has been focusing on the SMT processing of robots and vehicle-mounted electronic products for many years. The company has advanced SMT processing production lines with advanced and complete equipment. At the same time, it has a group of experienced production, functional testing and production management personnel. professional team.



The picture shows the technology cooperation assembly factory is a leading network security and information system-level service provider in China. It has been focusing on the assembly of computer software and hardware products for many years. The core team has accumulated rich experience in product assembly. The picture shows the product development and key applications of technology landing escort.

The picture shows that science and technology will always stand at the forefront of the industry. Under the wave of rapid expansion of the artificial intelligence market, the picture shows that science and technology deeply analyzes the needs of the industry, continuously improves and innovates technology, and seizes new opportunities in the artificial intelligence industry.

02 Collusion and cooperation plan

This review and exchange not only demonstrates the strength and potential of Tuwei Technology, but also enhances the closeness of cooperation between Tuwei Technology and Baidu, laying a solid foundation for the upcoming cooperation between the two parties.

At the same time, it has brought positive influence and impetus to the future business expansion and technical iteration of Tuwei Technology, allowing both parties to have a clearer understanding and outlook on the development of future technologies, and helping both parties to achieve faster development.


In recent years, the picture shows that the cooperation between technology and domestic leading technology companies, scientific research institutions and universities has become closer and closer. In the future, the picture will cooperate with more enterprises in various fields, connect "islands" into "continents" together with partners, and strive to create a new ecology of all-round artificial intelligence for users!