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The picture shows that science and technology add new highlights to the 11th China Electronic Information Expo 2023

2023-10-12 17:50:44 admin

China Electronic Information Expo (Chinese abbreviation: CITE) is a national platform to display the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry, and is also an industry-leading and internationally influential annual event of the electronic information industry. The 11th China Electronic Information Expo will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) from April 7 to 9, 2023. With the theme of "Innovation Leading Coordinated Development", the expo will comprehensively display the overall picture of the innovation and development of China's new generation of electronic information industry, further build a full-chain collaborative development and cooperation position of the electronic information industry, vigorously promote the high-quality development of the digital economy, deeply help the construction of a world-class advanced manufacturing industry cluster of electronic information with global influence and competitiveness in the Greater Bay Area, and take multiple measures to continuously strengthen international scientific and technological innovation cooperation.


The picture shows the participation of science and technology in this exhibition, launching many new scientific and technological products, adding new highlights to the electronics expo. With the stunning appearance of the edge computer and the emerging technology concept, it attracted many visitors.


The picture shows the T928 edge computer, officially released
Based on the NVIDIA jetson AGX ORIN core module, the AI computing power is as high as 275TOPS. Designed for autonomous driving, IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof.

The picture shows the six core advantages of the T928 edge computer :

1. 10,000 Gigabit network port: 1 1 Gigabit, 4 Gigabit.
2. Support 5G communication: optional 4G/5G module
3. GMSL interface: 16 channels GMSL2 interface, backward compatible with GMSL1
4. Extremely stable: -40 degrees low temperature stable operation
5. Data security: Support USB dongle
6. IP65 protection level: can be used in harsh environments waterproof and dustproof.


The picture shows iLive, a low-latency video transmission technology, debuting

The picture shows iLive, a leading technology for high-reliability and low-latency audio and video interaction, with a general basic software latency of more than 50ms, unlocking hundreds of billions of industry scenarios. The picture shows iLive using the edge computer to connect to a USB camera, push the camera picture to the cloud server, and use Windows to collect the stream, and the average delay is as low as 100ms; The conference software uses a computer connected to a USB camera to conduct a meeting with another computer, with an average latency as low as 140ms. This technology has a wide space in the field of video transmission, and can be widely used in: remote piloting of drones, remote emergency command, ports and mines and other scenarios that require remote control operations.


The picture shows that Technology focuses on the R&D and sales of edge computers, and there are currently multiple models of products from 0.5T to 275T computing power, which meet the needs of different computing power in multiple scenarios and facilitate customers to expand AI solutions and deployment. The picture shows that the edge computer has the characteristics of small size, large computing power, high reliability, etc., and is an embedded AI computer and software development framework. Ideal for edge computing devices that need to perform real-time AI as well as advanced image, video, and signal processing capabilities. It is suitable for data processing equipment such as intelligent transportation, intelligent security, intelligent inspection, UAV/automatic driving computing platform, intelligent robot, and smart factory.


The products and technologies of Tuwei Technology have won unanimous praise and recognition from many experts in the industry, and also make Tuwei Technology more determined to deepen its development in the field of edge computers. Achievements are milestones on the way forward, and today's success is the fruit of yesterday's sweat. In the future, we will redouble our efforts to adapt to the rapidly changing market. The picture shows that science and technology will strive hard in the field of edge computers and continue to move forward. At the same time, adhering to the development concept of quality first and excellent service, we are committed to building a first-line brand of edge computers.