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Good news - The picture shows that the technology won the honorary title of "specialized, specialized and new" enterprise in Shenzhen

2023-08-12 16:55:13 admin


Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shenzhen Municipality, Guangdong Province announced the "2022 List of Specialized, Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", and the picture shows the honor of Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. /b20>"Specialization, refinement and innovation" is a major project implemented by the state to promote the professional, refined, characteristic and novel development of small and medium-sized enterprises, enhance independent innovation and core competitiveness, and improve the quality and level of development of small and medium-sized enterprises.


"Specialized, specialized and new" refers to the vanguard enterprises that have achieved specialization, refinement and characteristic development, strong innovation ability, long-term focus on market segments, high innovation market share, mastery of key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency, ranking the top echelon of various segments in the industrial chain. Winning the title of Specialized and Special New Enterprise this time is a recognition of Xinlicheng's specialization, refinement, characteristics, innovation ability and future development potential by higher-level government departments and professional institutions.


The picture shows Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Specialized: Focus on edge computers

Fine: proficient in edge computer + industry segmentation applications

Special: Extra cost-effective

New: Leading development with technological innovation

At present, AI edge computers developed based on NVIDIA Jetson® series core modules have been widely used in machine vision detection, face recognition, behavior recognition, intelligent robots, intelligent drones, automatic driving, intelligent security and other fields. At the same time, it has independently developed products based on NVIDAI® Jetson intelligent robot, outdoor unmanned intelligent monitoring system, AIoT edge computing equipment management platform and other products, and gradually created an artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Being rated as a "specialized, specialized and new" enterprise in Shenzhen is the recognition of the company's independent innovation scientific research ability and innovation achievements and the affirmation of the company's comprehensive strength by the Municipal Department of Industry and Information Technology. In the future, the company will further take the road of professional, refined, characteristic and novel development, and is committed to empowering the artificial intelligence ecosystem industry with edge computers and promoting the new development of the industry.