Customer case

Intelligent detection case of edge computing industrial production

2023-08-14 18:15:50

Qingdao Chuangxinqizhi Technology Group Co., Ltd., with the mission of "empowering business value with artificial intelligence", is China's largest "AI+manufacturing" solution provider and China's third largest enterprise-level AI solution provider. The company is committed to using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to provide enterprises with AI products and solutions, including AI platforms, algorithms, software and AI-enabled equipment, to improve customer operational efficiency and business value, and to achieve digital transformation. Chuangxinqizhi Group was awarded the National Specialized Special New Little Giant Enterprise, and its five subsidiaries were awarded the provincial/municipal Specialized Special New Enterprise. On the road of specialization and innovation, Chuangxin Qizhi has been deeply involved in multiple segments such as iron and steel metallurgy, panel semiconductors, 3C high-tech, engineering construction, automotive equipment, energy and power, food and beverage & new materials, intelligent manufacturing training, and finance. field, explore and practice the application of AI.

The industrial product defect detection technology developed based on artificial intelligence and computer vision can accurately identify various defects in the industrial production process, distinguish industrial products of different qualities, greatly improve detection efficiency, and improve product quality. Empowering with Al Manufacturing enterprises complete digital transformation and intelligent transformation. In the fields of automobiles, 3C products, chips, photovoltaics, etc., industrial quality inspection is an indispensable link, which greatly affects the quality and speed of product output. The speed and stability of professional quality inspection are limited by the technical level and experie