Customer case

3D scanner creates VR content in real time

2023-08-14 18:19:24

Although VR technology has completely changed various areas of daily life such as entertainment, medical care, architecture, education, and product design, creating VR content is still a challenge that is not easy to break through.


At the  Jetson TX2 conference in San Francisco, NVIDIA demonstrated how Jetson TX2 can speed up AI computing, graphics, and computer vision, and provide power support for the workflow used to create VR content.


Artec 3D The handheld scanner Artec Leo made with Jetson TX1 can perform real-time 3D capture, fusion, modeling and visualization on its own display, and it can also be streamed to mobile phones and tablets.

Artec Leo is equipped with the ultra-fast Jetson TX1 platform, which is only the size of a credit card. It scans 8 million points per second, integrates color and material data into 3D depth information, and creates 3D models with an accuracy of 0.1 mm in real time.

Artec President and CEO Artyom Yukhin said: "Artec Leo makes 3D scanning as easy as shooting video. Jetson TX1 is small, but powerful, and easy to integrate. Using it, we can quickly create lifelike models, which greatly simplifies The workflow of CG artists, designers, engineers and other VR operators."