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The picture shows science and technology providing artificial intelligence with the power to enter the sky and the sea

2023-08-16 14:11:53 tuwei312

The picture shows that technology products are increasingly applied to the smart ocean technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, digital twin and so on. Smart Ocean is a new marine industry development model based on edge computing servers to realize the information transformation and upgrading of the marine industry and achieve the effect of improving quality and efficiency. By combining high and new technology with the marine industry, the digitalization, intelligence and informatization of the marine industry can be realized, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the marine industry.


As the global demand for marine resources continues to grow, the traditional marine industry can no longer meet the needs of effective development and utilization of marine resources. The emergence of smart ocean has injected new vitality into the modernization of the marine industry, realized the intelligent processing, analysis and utilization of ocean-related data through technical means, accelerated the development and utilization of marine resources while better protecting the marine ecological environment, and truly realized the sustainable use of marine resources and the high-quality development of the marine industry.


Big data technology is one of the core technologies of smart ocean. Through the collection, storage and in-depth mining and analysis of a large amount of marine data, the all-round management of marine resources planning, management and operation can be realized, and the production and management efficiency can be greatly improved. In marine business processing, the development of IoT technology is also indispensable. Smart Ocean adopts IoT technology to fuse real-time supervision, operation management and sensor data of marine equipment to troubleshoot potential problems and reduce management costs and security risks. It provides new technologies and ideas for the upgrading and development of the marine industry. It better promotes the sustainable development and high-quality development of the marine industry by reducing costs and improving efficiency. As a leader in smart ocean, Litu Hi-Tech has become a company with the most smart ocean solutions and the most abundant products in China, and can tailor information upgrade solutions according to the specific needs of the sea-related industry.