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The subdivision of the robot track, the picture shows the technology joining the Guangdong Robot Association

2023-08-16 11:56:36 tuwei312

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly and is profoundly affecting all fields of society, and robots, as an important application field of artificial intelligence, are becoming a market for major enterprises to compete for.

As a semi-automatic or fully automatic intelligent equipment, robots have the ability to perceive, decide, execute, etc., through programming and automatic control to help people faster, safer, more flexible, more accurate and higher quality to complete repeated, dangerous, heavy and complex related tasks, so that staff can focus on more valuable work.


According to data from market research institute ABIResearch, the compound annual growth rate of the global robot market will reach 32.5% between 2020 and 2030; In 2023, the domestic and global robot market will continue to present a blue ocean market and maintain a strong development momentum.

The current development environment of robots

At present, the government is vigorously landing and implementing relevant robot development policies to build a robot open source ecology, innovation ecology and industrial ecology.

In terms of policy: "introduction + special breakthrough" turned into "localization and intelligence;

Technology: Sensors, machine vision related technologies are deeply integrated with robot applications, and the practicality and ease of use of robots have been greatly improved

Demand: At present, most domestic robots come from imports, and the domestic robot industry has huge development space; At the same time, under the wave of localization of new energy and other industries, the development of domestic robot companies has gained certain first-mover advantages.


With the improvement of robot product performance, the development of robots in the future will extend to the direction of application breadth and landing depth, and intelligent, refined, flexible, full-scenario, platform, and customer co-creation will become the rigid needs of industrial development.

The picture shows the power robot track

Recently, Tuwei Technology announced that it has joined the Guangdong Robot Association, as an enterprise committed to artificial intelligence and edge computing, Tuwei Technology is well aware of the market prospect and development potential of the robot market, and will continue to make efforts in the robot segment, while seeking in-depth cooperation with other industry leaders in technology research and development, market expansion and other aspects.


The picture shows that Technology has been relying on leading technology, long-term accumulated experience and innovative spirit to provide underlying technical support for robots in various industries and types, and promote the integration of robots and work business scenarios. The picture shows that Technology always attaches importance to collaborative cooperation with customers and creates value together.

  Guangdong Robot Association

Guangdong Robot Association is the only authoritative scientific and technological social public service collaboration platform in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics in Guangdong Province, which is initiated and established by South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. and other colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises and institutions engaged in artificial intelligence and robotics related theoretical research, equipment design, manufacturing and application.


With the mission of "gathering industrial strength and achieving world-class industrial clusters", the association is committed to building a "seven-in-one" ecological development platform of government (government), industry (enterprise), learning (school), research (scientific research institution), trade (commerce and trade), finance (finance) and media (media).

It is believed that the picture of the technology joining the Guangdong Robot Association will definitely allow the two sides to collide with new sparks in the field of robotics.

Future-proof, accelerate innovation

The picture shows that the R&D team of Technology is committed to the landing of high-performance, high-precision robot supporting technology, and strives to realize the wide application of robots in intelligent manufacturing, smart home, smart logistics and other fields. At the same time, the picture shows that the technology will also strengthen cooperation with other enterprises to jointly promote the development of the robot industry and create a more complete and mature robot ecosystem.

As an enterprise with profound technical accumulation and strong innovation ability, the picture shows that Technology is confident of achieving excellent results in the robot industry. In the future, Tuwei Technology will continue to strengthen R&D investment, constantly explore the potential of robot technology, and bring users more intelligent and efficient products and services!