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The picture shows that science and technology won the first batch of "Shen Ai Talent Hall"

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November 1st is the fourth "Talent Day" in Shenzhen and also the third anniversary of the opening of Shenzhen Talent Park. At the time of the city's talent celebration, Nanshan unveiled a series of exciting activities and new measures for talent service, contributing a super "big gift package" to "Shenzhen Talent Day".

   Hold the 2020 Nanshan International Talent Block Construction Summit Forum, the opening of the "Shen Ai Talent Hall", the release of Nanshan Talent IP image "Nanxiao π", the opening of the pilot talent service integrated system, the holding of talent concerts and drone performances, etc. The events were exciting and all service measures were effective. Among them, Nanshan District has set up a 500 million yuan leading aerospace ambassador fund, and signed agreements with four high-tech enterprises including Modern Optics and Huize Laser on the spot, to plan for the layout of strategic emerging industries such as Nanshan Optical Chip and Laser Technology.

The picture shows technology

There are 8 emerging industries in Shenai Talent Hall, including 5G applications, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing, big data and blockchain.

The picture shows Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Science and Technology), as an innovative technology company, was awarded the first batch of enterprises settled in the "Shen Ai Talent Hall" to showcase artificial intelligence edge computing equipment.

The picture shows that Technology is an edge computing solution provider based on vision processing, and has been focusing on the development of artificial intelligence for many years. At present, the self-developed products are mainly based on the whole set of solutions of NVIDIA JETSON series (edge computing), including smart cars, T200, T506, T600, etc. These products are widely used in artificial intelligence monitoring equipment based on computer vision, security based on face recognition and behavior recognition, as well as robots, drones, unmanned driving and other fields.

The picture shows technology

       The picture shows that the product displayed by the technology in the talent hall this time is a solution based on edge computing video low-latency transmission and intelligent analysis. The off-road toy vehicle is used as the carrier to show that the entire process from data collection to-processing-transmission-application only takes 80-120 ms. Remote operation is like visiting the scene in person, without any delay at all.

      According to the staff, this set of edge computing equipment can not only realize low-latency transmission, but also perform algorithmic reasoning such as target detection and target tracking. Convert the video data into structured data and transmit it to the cloud server. There is no need to upload all the original video data, which effectively relieves the pressure on network bandwidth. After the video data is structured and then encrypted for transmission, it also solves the security problems caused by network transmission.

Nanshan District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and District Mayor Huang Xiangyue, Nanshan District Party Committee Deputy Secretary Yin Shubin, District Committee Standing Committee Member Hu Yun, District Committee Standing Committee Member Wang Xiaorong, District People’s Congress Deputy Director Lu Yuping, Deputy District Mayor Lian Cong and other district leaders and related departments directly responsible About 190 people, including representatives of high-level talents of the district, two representatives of the district and one committee member, representatives of enterprises, and representatives of citizens attended the forum.

The picture shows technology

For the first time, the pavilion opened a new mode of integration of "talent + science popularization + corporate services", providing a new window for talent promotion and incentives, injecting new impetus into public science popularization, and allowing the wisdom of talents to be fully released and innovative forces to flow fully.

Yin Shubin, deputy secretary of the Nanshan District Party Committee, stated in his opening speech that the Shen Ai Talent Hall is an important window for Shenzhen and Nanshan to pass on the "dual-zone drive" strategy and unswervingly implement the talent priority development strategy. Respecting the strong atmosphere of creation, disseminating scientific knowledge and cultivating scientific literacy, it is of great significance to build a central intelligence district that is comparable to the world-renowned scientific and technological innovation center.

It is reported that the Shen Ai Talent Hall fully embodies Shenzhen's sincerity in loving and valuing talent. In addition to building a talent service desk and an enterprise service platform, it also regards the establishment of a youth science base as the focus of the operation of the venue.

The opening hours of the Shen Ai Talent Hall are: every Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm; the Science Museum of Shen Ai Talent Hall opens normally on Sundays, and you can pay attention to "Nanshan Talents" or "Shen Ai Talent Hall" by appointment in advance. the public.