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  • TWOWINIT joining the Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association to create a new ecosystem of intelligent transportation

    Transportation is the "artery" of national economic development, and problems such as traffic congestion and frequent accidents not only affect people's travel experience, but also have a negative impact on economic development. Safe, efficient, and convenient transportation has always been a pursuit of people. Driven by the new round of artificial intelligence industry revolution, "intelligence" is becoming an important force in the transformation of the transportation industry. Intelligent transportation is a management system that integrates information, communication, sensing and other technologies into transportation. It utilizes machine vision, sensors, digital analysis and other technologies to achieve rapid collection, analysis, decision-making, and transmission of transportation information. From small to transportation letter

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  • TWOWINIT has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xi'an University of Science and Technology to jointly build a social practice base for college students

    Recently, TWWINIT CEO Su Shipeng was appointed as a visiting professor in the field of Information and Communication Engineering by his alma mater Xi'an University of Science and Technology, and jointly established a social practice base for college students with the school. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marks the deep cooperation between TWOWINIT and Xi'an University of Science and Technology in the fields of scientific research, education, and social practice for college students.

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  • In today's society, the development of artificial intelligence has profoundly changed our way of life. From content output fields such as manuscript writing and image rendering, to service work such a

    This year, the COVID-19 has severely impacted many industries around the world, and a large number of enterprises have suffered a sharp decline in revenue or even closed down. However, the automation and digitization industry has not only remained unscathed, but has instead become one of the rare "winners". Official statistics and business surveys show that the COVID-19 epidemic is promoting the use of automation technology. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts that the number of professional service robots on duty worldwide will increase by 38% this year and continue to grow in the next two years. Logistics robots currently hold the largest market share, and their numbers are expected to be in 2019 and 2021

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  • TWOWINIT Invited to Attend the 38th China Computer Application Conference

    The 38th China Computer Application Conference (CCF NCCA 2023) and 2023 Artificial Intelligence+Application Academic Conference were held in Suzhou from July 16th to 19th. This conference is hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF), organized by the CCF Computer Application Professional Committee, and co organized by Suzhou University, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, and other institutions. The picture shows that Technology was invited to participate in this conference, and the picture shows that Technology CEO - Su Shipeng gave a special speech on the Intelligent Manufacturing Forum. The productivity of modern humans depends on industrial capabilities

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