• The important role of edge computing for modern transportation

    The reason why edge computing is important is that even when 5G is truly commercial, ultra-large bandwidth (eMBB) application scenarios can be realized, but the emergence of huge data volume means tha

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  • Three edge computing industry standards led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology were released to build a trusted edge computing ecosystem

    China's "14th Five-Year Plan" clearly states that it is necessary to "coordinate the development of cloud services and edge computing services", and the State Council's &qu

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  • 英伟达GTC大会出王炸, 800亿晶体管GPU、144核CPU、Jetson AGX Orin 正式上市!

    本次GTC大会上英伟达创始人黄仁勋正式宣布,Jetson AGX Orin于本月正式投产销售。与此同时,英伟达推出了基于Atlan芯片的新一代自动驾驶平台DRIVE Hyperion 9,并计划于2026年量产。英伟达还宣布两家新增的新车企合作伙伴:比亚迪和Lucid Group。目前,已有超过25家车企及自动驾驶公司选择了英伟达。这些合作伙伴将在未来6年内,为英伟达贡献超过110亿美元的营收。

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  • 震惊!黄仁勋骗过了全世界,三个多月都没人发觉!皮衣是假的厨房是假的连人都是假的

    英伟达今年4月份那场发布会,你曾看出有什么不对劲的地方吗?你品,你细品:刚刚,在计算机图形学顶会SIGGRAPH 2021上,英伟达通过一部纪录片自曝:那场发布会内藏玄机~你看到了老黄,但也没完全看到。因为,这是一场当面“造假”的发布会。画面中老黄的厨房、标志性的皮衣,甚至他的表情、动作、头发……全都是合成出来的。这是一场开在元宇宙里的发布会,发表演讲的是英伟达CEO黄仁勋的数字人替身。彼时彼刻,

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  • 先睹为快,初创企业持 AI 彩练舞动 GTC 中国线上大会

    前方高能!!海量精彩预告,“正片”锁定关注:就在 12 月 15 日 GTC 中国线上大会初创企业最终展示及初创企业线上展厅。哪些时刻,让你由衷感慨科技之光、AI 力量点亮生活角角落落?哪些场景,让你心生敬畏、赞叹“初生牛犊不怕虎”的气场与精神?来 GTC 中国线上大会,在初创企业最终展示殿堂( Inception Showcase Final Show 2020) 及初创企业线上展厅,你就可以找

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  • In today's society, the development of artificial intelligence has profoundly changed our way of life. From content output fields such as manuscript writing and image rendering, to service work such a

    This year, the COVID-19 has severely impacted many industries around the world, and a large number of enterprises have suffered a sharp decline in revenue or even closed down. However, the automation and digitization industry has not only remained unscathed, but has instead become one of the rare "winners". Official statistics and business surveys show that the COVID-19 epidemic is promoting the use of automation technology. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts that the number of professional service robots on duty worldwide will increase by 38% this year and continue to grow in the next two years. Logistics robots currently hold the largest market share, and their numbers are expected to be in 2019 and 2021

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  • TWOWINIT Invited to Attend the 38th China Computer Application Conference

    The 38th China Computer Application Conference (CCF NCCA 2023) and 2023 Artificial Intelligence+Application Academic Conference were held in Suzhou from July 16th to 19th. This conference is hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF), organized by the CCF Computer Application Professional Committee, and co organized by Suzhou University, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, and other institutions. The picture shows that Technology was invited to participate in this conference, and the picture shows that Technology CEO - Su Shipeng gave a special speech on the Intelligent Manufacturing Forum. The productivity of modern humans depends on industrial capabilities

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  • 人工智能到了“+AI”新阶段

    “中国的经济发展已经进入到双循环(国内、国际)发展的模式中,但是在新的历史时期和国际环境下,中国必须要有更强的自主创新能力,补足短板,因此,内循环的首要关键问题就是要如何扩大自身的创新能力。”10月13日,2020小蛮腰科技大会——全球移动开发者大会暨人工智能高峰论坛在广州举行,经济学家樊纲在会上指出。 今年上半年,人工智能场景化落地迎来大爆发,红外测温、发热AI自查、AI识别新冠肺炎CT……科技

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