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TWOWINIT joining the Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association to create a new ecosystem of intelligent transportation

2020-11-05 13:45:39 tuwei312 1668


Transportation is the "artery" of national economic development, and problems such as traffic congestion and frequent accidents not only affect people's travel experience, but also have a negative impact on economic development. Safe, efficient, and convenient transportation has always been a pursuit of people. Driven by the new round of artificial intelligence industry revolution, "intelligence"  is becoming an important force in the transformation of the transportation industry.       TWOWIN


Intelligent transportation is a management system that integrates information, communication, sensing and other technologies

 into transportation. It utilizes machine vision, sensors, digital analysis and other technologies to achieve rapid collection, analysis, 

decision-making, and transmission of transportation information.

From traffic lights to the entire city's transportation, from buses to subways, from highways to ports, various fields in the 

transportation industry are attempting intelligent transformation. In addition, through intelligent transportation systems, information 

sharing and collaboration among traffic management departments, transportation departments, and travel users can be achieved.

 Intelligent transportation can not only improve traffic efficiency and reduce congestion, but also reduce accident rates and improve 




The Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association is the first intelligent transportation industry association in China. 

The association aims to build a bridge of communication and interaction between the government and enterprises, as well as 

between enterprises, to promote technological progress in the industry, help enterprises expand their development space and 

market fields, and lead the industry towards standardization and internationalization.



Recently, TWOWIN announced that it has joined the Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association. As a leading scientific and technological innovation enterprise in the industry, TWOWIN is committed to providing high-quality edge computing and artificial intelligence solutions for customers. After joining the association this time, TWOWIN will make reasonable use of the cooperation space and resource support provided by the platform, conduct more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with enterprises, experts and scholars in the industry, jointly explore the application of artificial intelligence and edge computing technology in the transportation industry, enable the intelligent transportation industry, and contribute to the development of the industry.


Intelligent transportation cannot be separated from a complete system as support, and the lack of any sector may only be 'intelligent' rather than 'capable'. With the improvement of computing power, the accelerated integration of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, edge computing and other technologies with the transportation industry, a smooth, safe and efficient transportation network is being formed, and the transportation industry is moving from the "transportation age" to the "computing age".


  Intelligent transportation is a field full of opportunities, and to what extent will it develop in the next era, let's wait and see!