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TWOWINIT Invited to Attend the 38th China Computer Application Conference

2020-11-04 11:35:29 admin

 The 38th China Computer Application Conference (CCF NCCA 2023) and 2023 Artificial Intelligence+Application Academic Conference were held in Suzhou from July 16th to 19th.



This conference is hosted by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF), organized by the CCF Computer Application Professional Committee, and co organized by Suzhou University, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, and other institutions. The picture shows that Technology was invited to participate in this conference, and the picture shows that Technology CEO - Su Shipeng gave a special speech on the Intelligent Manufacturing Forum.

The productive forces of modern humans depend on industrial capabilities, and the industrial revolution is an important driving force for modern human progress. So far, humanity has gone through four industrial revolutions:


The British man Watt produced the first steam engine, and thus humans officially entered the industrial age from the agricultural age;


Electricity has begun to be widely used and the use of a second fossil energy source - oil has begun;


The United States developed the first binary computer, marking the beginning of the computer age for humanity;

4.0-2010 present

After the third industrial revolution triggered by the Internet, artificial intelligence technology driven by big data is driving the fourth industrial revolution. Industrial Revolution 4.0- The era of intelligence is coming with great strides.



Intelligent Manufacturing Special Forum - Technological Exploration from Digitalization to Intelligence.

With the further integration of computer application technologies represented by artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, edge computing, 5G and other industries, building a more efficient, intelligent and secure technology system has become the demand of all industries.

What development opportunities will the combination of edge computing and big models create?

  TWOWINIT CEO - Su Shipeng delivered a keynote speech on this topic.



From data collection, to data processing, to data transmission, and finally to data application, in the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence, throughout the entire ecological chain, data is the most core production factor.

The data collection and transmission modules are already very mature, and data computing is currently a module that artificial intelligence companies are investing in and focusing on laying out checkpoints. In this module, the infrastructure construction of computing power is still in full swing.

At present, language big models represented by ChatGPT are gradually being pushed to the market. Specialized small models based on big models in segmented fields will quickly be pushed to the market. Whoever can improve and apply small models in segmented fields can seize the opportunity and seize the market.

In order to finally play a role in all walks of life and create value, AI must use edge computer reasoning to complete data digitization, and then use data based on digitization (commercial realization).


With the revolutionary wave brought about by Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are gradually popularized, and the data generated by enterprise operations will be increasing. The ability to analyze and process this data will become the key to enterprise competition. This process will inevitably lead to digital enterprises, as well as other new products and services, bringing new opportunities to various industries.


  TWOWINIT is ready to accept the changes in all aspects of Industry 4.0, fully grasp the opportunities, and use the technology and applications of edge computing combined with large models to provide enterprises with more intelligent and efficient solutions and help enterprises achieve digital transformation and upgrading!