Company profile

Company profile


Tuwei Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Tuwei Information Technology) is an edge computing solution provider based on vision processing. As an innovative company, it has been focusing on the development of artificial intelligence for many years and is committed to providing customers with satisfactory solutions.

The company has gathered a group of high-end talents in the field of core algorithms related to vision processing and edge computing. At present, the main products independently developed are a complete set of solutions based on NVIDIA's JETSON series (edge computing), including smart cars, T200, T300, T500, etc. These products are widely used in artificial intelligence monitoring equipment based on computer vision, security based on face recognition and behavior recognition, as well as robots, drones, unmanned driving and other fields.

The picture shows that the company has signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with many well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad to form an integrated development of industry, university and research. The core algorithms independently developed by the company include face recognition, smoking behavior recognition, and whether to wear a helmet or not, and other technologies have been widely used in smart buildings, smart gas stations, smart construction sites, smart campuses and other fields.

At the same time, our scientific research team has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence visual processing, and has accumulated rich technical precipitation. Our artificial intelligence in visual processing solutions are also widely used in industry and related graphics and image processing, to help traditional industries related to the early realization of AI +, as proposed by the State Council, "a new generation of artificial intelligence development count plan" to contribute.